Challenges Faced By The Media In Reportage Of Terrorism Activities In Mandera County - Kenya

The media both National and International face a myriad challenges as they grapple with the news whose subject matter is terrorism. There is a need for news stories which sell well to the population vis-à-vis the challenge of how much and in what manner should such news be broadcasted to the public. The media in one way or the other have ended up advancing the agenda being pursued...

Effects of Media Reportage on Terrorist Activities in Mandera County, Kenya

Presently terrorists are having a ‘good-day' in the media because of the unnecessary publicity given to them. Most terrorists often play on the psychology of media practitioners by carefully planning attacks that would compel the press to cover and disseminate them globally. The media has on a number of occasions been seen to act as an accomplice to the successes of these acts of terror.

The Role of Media in Covering Peace Operations: A Case of ‘Operation Linda Nchi’ in Somalia

War coverage has for a long time been challenging due to the unpredictable nature of wars. Specifically, reporting has been a challenge since the media relies on a lot on news given out by the combat forces. In the Kenyan scenario, the Kenya Defense Forces were engaging in a maiden international war. Similarly, the Kenyan media were engaging in their first international war coverage.